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C&C Ancients Series

C&C Ancients Series

COMMANDS & COLORS: ANCIENTS depicts warfare from the Dawn of Military History (3000 BC) to the opening of the Middle Ages (400 AD). Quite an ambitious undertaking for one game, yet Commands & Colors by design is a unique historical game system which allows players to effectively portray stylized battles from this time in history.

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10 Epic Battles - Now YOU are in command! Commands & Colors: Ancients allows you to re-fight epic battles of the ancient world. Here the focus is on the two rivals for power in the Western Mediterranean -- Carthage and Rome. Will you, as Hannibal, triumph over larger Roman armies; or as Scipio Africanus, will you beat Hannibal with newer tactics of your own? Part of the C&C Ancients series.

Players: 2
Age: 12 and up
Time: 60 minutes

Richard Borg
GMT Games
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