• On the Underground: Paris/New York (KS Deluxe Edition)
  • On the Underground: Paris/New York (KS Deluxe Edition)
  • On the Underground: Paris/New York (KS Deluxe Edition)

Game Details Players: 2 to 5 Age: 12 and up Time: 45-60 minutes
Publisher: LudiCreations Designer(s): Sebastian Bleasdale

On the Underground: Paris/New York (KS Deluxe Edition)

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In On the Underground: Paris/New York, players build the Paris Métro lines or the New York City Subway lines. Each player controls 2-4 different lines, depending on the number of players. Build the most successful lines, connect them to landmarks, and attract passenger traffic!

On the Underground, the clever 1-hour network-building game for 2-5 players returns with two new maps set in storied metropolises! This is a stand-alone game and does not require On the Underground: London/Berlin to play.


Note: This is a preorder for the KS Deluxe Edition with eta Dec 2023. Deposit (NR) RM150 to confirm your preorder with balance due when stocks arrived.

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KS eta Dec 2023

On the Underground, the clever 1-hour network-building game for 2-5 players returns with two new maps set in storied metropolises!

This is the KS Deluxe Edition and includes

  • Screen printed custom-shaped Destination tokens
  • Custom-shaped wooden Passenger tokens
  • Limited-edition transparent Passenger token
  • Deluxe slip case
  • The Underground Challenge: Paris / Berlin solo expansion

After publishing the game with the London and all-new Berlin map in 2019, it was clear that there was a lot more fun to be had developing underground transportation systems - especially since our print run was sold out within a year, and the global freight crisis prevented us from reprinting it sooner.

And so, On the Underground: Paris / New York was born! A new, *standalone* game featuring the same straightforward gameplay, but with new challenges to overcome.

This new *standalone* edition of On the Underground includes Paris and New York City, massive metropolises of culture, commerce and congestion. Both can be a challenge to get around them for both the locals and the millions of tourists that they attract.

Featuring the same minimalist-yet-rich aesthetic introduced in the London / Berlin production, we have found that the game consistently delivers a pleasing experience in both appearance and gameplay.

The Deluxe edition of the game elevates both, with the inclusion of upgraded components and the solo Underground Challenge expansion.


As with London / Berlin, we wanted to include more than one Passenger shape option (of which the wheelchair user, elderly and pregnant passenger shapes were kindly provided by Ian O'Toole and Alban Viard), and the Deluxe edition allows us to do so. The premium transparent acrylic custom-shaped briefcase-carrying passenger token returns, and so does a UV-coated slip case that accentuates the watercolour cover illustration.

Finally, the Underground Challenge solo expansion is now also included in the Deluxe edition. It will be available as a post-campaign add-on and will be separately for sale after the campaign for basic edition backers and retail purchasers.

The Deluxe edition will be available through this campaign (including through any retail backers - see below) and through events where we participate, but not through distribution.


Please note that On the Underground: Paris / New York is a *standalone* game.

It is not an expansion and the previously published London / Berlin game is not required for playing it. The reason it is not an expansion is that about 90% of the components are unique, and even if they were separately provided, their volume would still need a new box to hold them.

In On the Underground, players compete to build the most valuable and convenient transportation network. Each player controls 2-4 different lines, depending on the number of players.

At the beginning of each turn, 4 Destination cards are facing up, corresponding to stations on the map. A player’s turn consists of taking four actions. Those four actions are usually spent building track on the map, connecting landmarks, national rail interchanges and terminus stations.

After a player’s turn, the Passenger token is moved along built lines and avoiding empty track spaces as much as possible, in order to reach 1 or 2 Destination stations.

Destination cards corresponding to visited stations are replaced by new ones.

Players score points in two ways:

  • By building track and connecting their lines to various types of stations.
  • By having the Passenger use their lines when moving.

The game is over after all Destination cards have been drawn and all players have taken the same number of turns. The player that has earned the most points is the winner, having built the most valuable network On the Underground!

Each map has its own special characteristics, offering variety and contrast in its gameplay, including game duration, rules complexity and interactivity between players.


Paris is a thoughtful map offering many options. To win, you need to strike the right balance between collecting sets of tokens, managing secret destinations to which you need to connect, blocking other players while not being blocked yourself and, of course, carrying the Passenger. The refined elder sibling of the London map, it is recommended for experienced players.


New York is a fast paced map reflecting the hectic pace of life in the big Apple. It encourages players to mirror real life by creating lines through Manhattan using bridges and tunnels that are more challenging to build, connecting sets of significant neighbourhoods and anticipating destinations that appear multiple times in the deck. You still have to build quickly to keep up with the always-moving Passenger. The brash younger sibling of the London map - focused and fun even for beginners.

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