• Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)
  • Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)
  • Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)
  • Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)
  • Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)
  • Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)

Game Details Players: 1 to 4 Age: 15 and up Time: 90-240 minutes
Publisher: Mindclash Games Designer(s): Nigel Buckle, Dávid Turczi

Voidfall (KS Galactic Box Edition)

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Voidfall delivers a grand-scale space 4X experience with minimum-luck game mechanics, focusing on player skill and strategy.

Explore and reclaim the remnants of the shattered Domineum without relying on random hex placement. Expand wide by galactic conquest, or tall by improving and specialising your smaller empire. Exploit your sectors for resources, science and credits in a deep and diverse empire management system. Exterminate the Voidborn or battle your opponents using a deterministic combat mechanic with no player elimination.

Note: This is the KS Galactic Box Edition with upgraded components, and all unlocked stretch goals. Click here if you are looking for the Retail Standard Edition.


Weight (kg): 9.0 Sleeve size: 45x70 (252c) 70x110 (110c)
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KS Galactic Box

This is the KS Galactic Box Edition that includes the following:

  • All gameplay-related components for the competitive, cooperative and solo game modes
  • Large embossed box with spot UV on the title
  • 80 plastic fleet miniatures
  • triple-layered player boards (fits sleeved cards)
  • 8 extra Population dice
  • 36 dice-capturing corruption marker miniatures
  • 16 enamel painted metal tokens
  • 12 Voidstorm tokens upgraded to plastic miniatures
  • 18 Voidborn tokens upgraded to plastic fleet miniatures with 34 Fleet Power marker cubes
  • Modular tray system by Gametrayz (fits sleeved cards)
  • All additional content unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign (please see the What's in the Box image for more information)
  • Add-ons: Enamel Painted Metal Structure Set (subject to stock availability)

Click here if you are looking for the Retail Standard Edition.

For centuries, the Novarchs, descendants of the royal House of Novarchon, have ruled with an iron fist over the feudalistic galactic empire of humankind, the Domineum. During this time, they brought stunning technological innovation and scientific advancements to their domain. This accelerated progression helped the Domineum reach — and eventually inhabit — even the farthest segments of the known galaxy, where new Houses emerged to govern the outer sectors of the empire. As the House of Novarchon grew in power, so grew the religious cult that surrounded them, proclaiming grim prophecies about an ancient cosmic being from another dimension: the Voidborn.

Many thought it to be only a myth, but in truth, it was the Voidborn's dark influence that granted the Novarchs the sheer knowledge to achieve rapid expansion for the empire. While the cult of the Novarchs envisaged eternal life through the otherworldly entity, the Voidborn's only intention was satiating its eternal hunger. And so, when the Domineum had achieved a vastness fitting the Voidborn's craving, interdimensional rifts opened at the heart of the Domineum to unleash cosmic corruption. As the House of Novarchon and its followers welcomed the Voidborn and sought their false salvation, the entity infected and spread and seized control over the inner worlds. Now, it is time for the remaining Great Houses to purge the galactic corruption, prevent the Voidborn from fully manifesting in our dimension, and to ultimately overcome the chaos as the new rulers of the Domineum.

Voidfall is a space 4X game that brings the genre to Euro enthusiasts' tables. It combines the tension, player interaction, and deep empire customization of the 4X genre with the resource management, tight decisions, and minimum-luck gameplay of an economic Euro. Win by pushing back the Voidborn in the solo/coop mode, or by overcoming your rivals' influence in restoring the Domineum in the competitive mode — both using the same rule set and game system. Variability is ensured not only by multiple playable houses with their own strengths and weaknesses, but also by many different map set-ups for all game modes.

As the leader of a defiant Great House, you play through three cycles, each with a game-altering galactic event, a new scoring condition, and a set number of focus cards that can be played. Focus card decisions and sequencing is the centerpiece of the gameplay. By selecting two of their three impactful actions as you play them, you develop and improve techs; advance on your three house-specific civilization tracks; manage your sectors' infrastructure, population, and production; and conquer new sectors with up to five different types of space fleets. Space battles are fought either against the Voidborn's infected forces (which are present as neutral opponents even in the competitive mode) or against other players. Instead of relying on the luck of a die roll, battles in Voidfall are fully deterministic and reward careful preparation and outsmarting your opponents.

Voidfall is played through three Cycles, each representing approximately an in-game decade. 

The heart and soul of each Cycle is the Focus phase, where you will play 4-7 Focus cards, one by one in player order, to set the course for your empire for the next few years. Whether you’re focusing on improving your sectors, boosting your production, reinforcing your fleets, or preparing for an attack, each Focus card offers a tough decision in choosing only two of its three impactful Actions.

Voidfall offers a deeper and more diverse economy than most other space 4X games. 

Your sectors can be improved and specialized in different ways through economic Guilds and military-focused Installations. Guilds each produce one of Voidfall’s four Resources that fuel your Focus actions (Food, Materials, Energy, Science), or Credits that can act as a wild resource in limited quantities. Sectors also have a Population that can be increased, acting as a production multiplier to your Guilds - but more populous sectors are also more attractive targets to your opponents!

Emerging from the void between the dimensions, the Voidborn is a menacing opponent that’s deeply integrated into the game. 

It’s an incomprehensible, faceless entity with the goal of taking control of humanity rather than destroying it. It operates through Corruption, twisting human minds and bodies with the promise of knowledge and power and vanquishing all who resist.

In the competitive game, the Voidborn’s corrupted forces will not only block your expansion, but the entity will react to your actions, reinforcing its sectors when necessary. In the cooperative game, it unleashes its true power by causing galactic crises and striking back at the sight of any weakness. Corruption is also introduced as an interesting risk-reward mechanism: overexpansion into corrupted sectors or accepting the Voidborn’s gifts yourself may allow Corruption to manifest in your own House as well, with potentially dire consequences...

The management of your Fleet Power creates the central tightness and presents you with a strategic choice: concentrate your power on a small empire, use and spread your power for a large one, or choose the peaceful but risky path of spending your Fleet Power in return for economic and influence boosts. Your Fleet Power can be deployed as five different Fleet types, each with its own niche, strengths, and weaknesses. Swarm out your fleets of Corvettes, or defend your lines with your quick-to-deploy Sentries. Hold your ground with the mighty Dreadnoughts, spearhead the expansion with your Destroyers, or be mobile and ready to reinforce at a moment’s notice with your trusted Carriers!

Due to Voidfall’s massive thematic scope and design philosophy, space battles represent long wars where the stronger will always prevail. 

Invasions usually involve serious planning and preparation, so battles in Voidfall use an intuitive Initiative system to calculate combat results in a completely deterministic manner; there are no nasty surprises due to die rolls or card draw. You will always know whether you’ll win before initiating an attack, but so will your opponents! Skill, preparation, and reading your opponents’ intentions win battles here, and the threat of combat adds just as much tension and excitement as the combat itself.

Instead of a traditional Tech Tree, Voidfall offers a total of 26 Technologies, each upgradeable to a very powerful Improved version. 

Each scenario is balanced around its own Tech setup of 8 fixed Techs, complemented by 3-4 additional, variable ones depending on the player count and their chosen Houses. Besides their game-altering permanent effect, each Tech also has an immediate bonus when you research it, helping you out in a pinch or offering the missing piece to your strategy.

The player Houses in Voidfall are relatively low-tech, trying to reverse-engineer the Novarchs' inventions, so Techs are fairly scarce: only 2 copies are available of each. Improved Techs are even rarer, with only one copy of each, making the race for Techs a very high-stakes and interactive part of the competitive game.

One of the defining unique features of Voidfall, Agendas allow you to build and customize your own tableau of Influence scoring conditions. 

Tailor your Agenda setup to your strategy, or adjust your plans to the Agendas you can get your hands on! With each House, you can pick between two Agendas to start with and provide early direction, and you may acquire a total of four.

You can draw Agendas to your hand through Focus card actions and various other sources. Once in your hand, each Agenda type can be played together with specific Focus cards, boosting it with a powerful bonus effect. Then, you may place your Agenda in one of your open Agenda slots, ready to be scored at the end of each Cycle.

Play as one of the 10 Great Houses of Domineum, each with their own history, strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle.

Play as House Valnis, Belitan, Dunlork, or Cortozaar: four, relatively similar Houses faced with a choice of boosting their populace or extending their political might. Then, you can dive deeper to lead House Zenor’s army of clones, ascend House Nervo through robotics to a higher stage of civilization, watch the galaxy in flames from behind the safety of House Astoran’s missile defenses, or swarm it with your nimble fleets with the ingenious and diligent House Fenrax!

Upgrade your galactic sectors with these enamel painted metal structure tokens which will fit both the Standard and the Galatic Box.

  • 30 double-sided, 3mm thick metal Installation tokens, enamel painted on both sides
  • 42 double-sided, 3mm thick metal Guild tokens, enamel painted on both sides

Note: Subject to stock availability.

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