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The BGC Insider Program is Boardgamecafe.net's rewards program where customers will earn one BGC Mark (point) for every Ringgit they spend. We see this as a platform to help us build better relationships with our returning customers and to stay more engaged with them.

For every order you made thru our webstore https://boardgamecafe.biz when you checkout with the email address registered by you will earn you one (1) BGC Mark. Based on the total BGC Marks you earned for a calendar year, you'll qualify for a new membership level which entitles you to all its rewards and benefits for the whole of the following year.

Each BGC Mark you earned brings you closer to the Next Level of BGC Insider rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I become a BGC Insider Rewards member?
Becoming an Insider member is free! You can become a BGC Insider member simply by registering at our webstore and placing your first order with us (no minimum order amount). Your starting Membership Level will be "Level 0: All Ears".

What is the Membership Level?
The BGC Insider Rewards has three levels of membership - four if you count the starting "Level 0: All Ears (L0)" - and the three levels are

  • Level 1: In the Know (L1)
  • Level 2: Insider (L2)
  • Level 3: Inner Circle (L3)

As a new member, you start your BGC Insider membership at Level 0: All Ears as soon as you place your first order. At the end of each calendar year, the total BGC Marks you earned for that year would determine your membership level for the following year. For eg if you earned 2,250 marks for this year, you'll start next year as Level 2: Insider.

Here is our minimum annual BGC Marks requirements to advance to that membership level for the folllowing year:

  • Level 0: All Ears - on first purchase, no minimum amount
  • Level 1: In the Know - between 500 and 1,999 marks earned in a membership year
  • Level 2: Insider - between 2,000 and 4,999 marks earned in a membership year
  • Level 3: Inner Circle - 5,000 or more marks earned in a membership year

Note: The above qualifying requirements are subject to change at Boardgamecafe.net's discretion.

What is the difference between Level 0 / Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 tiers?
View BGC Insider Rewards comparison table.

When will my membership level be upgraded or downgraded?
Your annual BGC Marks earned will be used at the end of each calendar year to determine your new membership level. If you have earned sufficient BGC Marks to advance to the next level, you would be upgraded. However if you do not maintain your BGC Marks and drop below the minimum requirements for your current level, you will be downgraded to the appropriate level. You will not lose your existing BGC Marks and can still use them to redeem rewards and benefits.

Will I lose my BGC Marks if my level is downgraded?
No, even if you are unable to maintain the level of BGC Marks for the year and gets downgraded, you will not lose your existing BGC Marks. You can still redeem rewards/coupnos even as Level 0: all Ears member. At the moment, we've no expiry date on BGC Marks.

How will I earn BGC Marks (points) with BGC Insider Rewards?
With our Insider Rewards Program, you earn points (we call them "BGC Marks") for every order on qualifying items you submit thru our online store. No minimum spent. From time to time, you can also earn bonus points with member-only deals, exclusive offers and promotional activities.

  • RM1 spent = 1 point
  • No minimum order amount to earn
  • Some events eg storewide sales may exclude earning of BGC Marks

Shop now: https://boardgamecafe.biz

Remember BGC Marks are only credited to you if you submit your order online thru our webstore using your own registered account. All sales made that does not contain our webstore order number would not qualify for any BGC Marks.

How can I check how many BGC Marks I have now?
The best way is to access your My Orders page in your Customer Area in our webstore. Here you can see all your past order history plus a summary of your BGC Marks including how many marks you've accumulated for this year, and how much more do you need to advance to the next level.

How can I redeem my BGC Marks?
You can redeem your BGC Marks for Birthday Promo coupons, rebate coupons or other rewards as provided by your Membership Level. To redeem, go to My Account - My Insider Rewards area in our webstore's Customer Area, and select the appropriate option.

I think I've more than one account in your webstore? Can I combine/merge all of them into one?
If you have multiple accounts, you can send an email to insider@boardgamecafe.net with your list of duplicate accounts, and let us know which main account you wish to merge them into. We'll do the necessary, combine all BGC Marks into your chosen account, and cancel the other accounts of yours.

Will my BGC Marks expire?
At the moment we do not have an Expiry Policy (yet) for BGC Marks so all your Marks earned will remained in your account balance indefinitely even if your membership level drops to Level 0: All Ears. In future, we will likely review this and set an expiry date for BGC Marks.

How do I cancel my BGC Insider Reward membership?
Oh no, we are sorry to see you go. There's no need to do any "cancellation" as your membership level would drop to Level 0: All Ears if you've no activity on your account for one year. Your remaining BGC Marks won't expire and if you revive your BGC Insider Membership in future, you will still have access to these BGC Marks. At the moment we've no policy to expire earned BGC Marks but this may change in future.

Also feel free to leave us with your Exit Feedback as to why you are leaving or where we are not meeting your expectations and we'll appreciate the opportunity to learn from the experience.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this Rewards Program?
For any questions regarding our IBGC nsider Rewards Program or your membership, feel free to reach us via any of our contact points below

Still have questions? Feel free to whatsapp us or send us an email.

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